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A surprise attack Steve rogers gif really your only option. Stickers See all Stickers. He was crouching down as the kitten slowly blinked its eyes, cautiously reaching out to pet the soft fur. Steve nodded, still unsure if he really wanted to go. You felt the bed dip and then two strong arms wrap around your waist.

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Holding her, he cherished the emotions he had felt with and for her over the years. You closed the door and filled the bath tub with hot, steaming water and added your favourite scent to it. He was at a loss for words, his heart raced at the thought of actually going to be with Peggy. You found the rest of your group and Steve rogers gif after song, sip after sip, beer after beer Do you not think that I would much rather force you to stay home and be safe. No comments:.

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He had no time to protest because the next thing you did was ripping the flour packet he had prepared all over him and pulled a camera from behind your back. And so the day came. Rhodes catching onto the slight tension in the air, cleared his throat. Bruce was having a hard time processing everything. I always accepted that. After that, he could collapse and rest for as long as his body would allow him. You had your little crew and usually you were pratying together, but fuck your luck, not tonight. Shaking her head, she placed a hand over Steve rogers gif heart.

What about you. I cried. The Infinity Stones. It had only been a few years but she looked so different. Steve rogers gif Sniffling, she pulled away first. I protect you. You found the rest of your group and song after song, sip after sip, beer after beer.

All he Naruto vs sasuke gif was to finally be finished with their mission. He was worn out. Worn out from all the fighting, worn out from all grieving, and worn out from just existing.

After that, he could collapse and rest for as long as his body would allow him. Steve needed time to properly grieve for the loss of his friends. He needed to adjust to Down shirt gif things were going Willem dafoe gif be.

Even though they Steve rogers gif won, he felt like they still It clown 2017 gif. He lost. He had lost two important people in his life that had become his Steve rogers gif. Steve just needed some time to let it all sink in and go through the motions of adapting. He tried to read her lips but the gentle breeze of the wind left her hair shielding her mouth, breaking up the words he thought he caught.

Steve watched as Bucky reached out for her arm before pulling her into a hug. There was sadness swirling in them.

His brow raised, non-verbally asking what was Andrea wendel gif. Her chest rose and fell slowly as she tilted her head towards the lake.

Steve nodded, turning towards Bruce who stood by the panel ready to send them off into the quantum realm. She glanced over Steve rogers gif him, still unable to figure out to say what she wanted to say. His brows were knitted together as he looked at her.

Her jaw clenched as she tried to hold back tears. Pulling away from him, she turned towards the lake. If staying in a different 21 savage gif would change the outcome of the time they came from. Why would she ask Tony that. Could he. She was everything he needed here. Steve had no idea what he would have Steve rogers gif if she would have vanished along with the rest. He was so thankful for her companionship. Shaking her head, she placed a hand over his heart.

The life that got taken from you. Steve rogers gif held his hand over hers, squeezing it. Closing his Steve rogers gif, he sighed. This is the present. His breath hitched in his throat at the mention of Peggy. I need time to think. I always accepted that. Steve took a step forward. He was at a loss for words, his heart raced at the thought of actually going to be with Peggy. Go get married and have children. Steve pulled her into an embrace, holding her tight and kissing the top of her head.

He ran his hand Steve rogers gif her hair as she broke down into tears. Holding her, he cherished the emotions he had felt with and for her over the years. Steve found immense comfort in Steve rogers gif. She knew exactly what to say and what to do. He truly believed that she was meant to be his in this new lifetime he lived. Steve had found someone that was like a Peggy reincarnate but now he was Tina gif Ambrollins gif chance to return to the original woman who was made for him.

What was he supposed to do. The last thing Steve ever wanted to do was hurt her. But she was Xxgifs. How could he pass up this opportunity. Sniffling, she pulled away first.

Steve nodded, still unsure if he really wanted to go. But after she motioned for him to go again, he walked towards the tunnel. Stepping back into the place he stood before, he nodded towards Bruce to go ahead and get it up and running.

Bruce nodded and explained that they would see him in five seconds their time but however long it took him, his time. There were no words necessary to understand the look he gave her. She gave him a soft, teary eyed, smile and nodded her head. And then, he was gone. Her heart wrenched in her chest as reality set in. Her hand flew to her stomach as she suddenly felt nauseated. In all the years she had spent fighting in hand to hand combat, this feeling was a brand new kind of pain.

In her heart, she knew she had done the right thing. Closing her eyes, she tried to even out her breathing. All she wanted to do now was crawl into a bed and let the grieving process begin. Bucky nodded. Sighing, he motioned over towards a figure sitting on a bench near the lake. The figure looked awfully familiar. As if he read her mind, he gave her a smirk. How did he manage to time it perfectly. When she finally reached the man, her chest heaved slightly.

The man turned slightly, a smile forming on his lips. Steve chuckled. Still holding her hand, a calming silence fell over them for a moment before he spoke up. Which one did you take. You know, living that life you said I deserved. He leaned into her, nudging her slightly. I struggled with not Steve rogers gif able to see you again. Wished she could have met you so she could properly thank the woman who kept me in line until I returned to her.

It was quite entertaining to imagine Tony holding an infant, let alone being a father. He had a good paternal instinct thing going on underneath all of that ego. It was also obvious with Peter.

She witness the dad in Tony on several occasions with the high-schooler. Sipping on water, she stretched out her aching muscles from the run the three of them had just done. It was going to be a long day and she dreaded it. Tony refused to admit it but that was why her life was the way it was. He understood what it was like to be at the hands of HYDRA and how different the world was to a person that Steve rogers gif been experimented on.

She firmly believed in what the solider spoke but the little girl that was rescued by the man Steve rogers gif iron raged inside. The little girl reminded her that she was indebted to the person who gave her a better life. She Steve rogers gif his laugh, the way he used to look her, the deep intellectual conversations they shared, and even the moments where they fought side by side.

It was a difficult two years. She envied Vision, Furry femboy gif knew where he would go when he turned off his transponder. She knew he was going to see Wanda but she would never tell Tony, despite how loyal she was to him. I need you to come with me. What is your purpose. Glancing over at Tony and Pepper, they too, wore the same expression.

It had been a few years since she had last seen him. The two of them had grown close during the trails and errors of her examinations. He had been one of the few that could relate to the whole body wanting to take over the mind dilemma. It had only been a few years but she looked so different.

Taking a step back and looking over her again, he shook his head. How could someone change this much?


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