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kuroka (high school dxd) Parent highschool dxd Search results: 91 pictures. 0 1 >. x (26).

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Greek Gods. Cancel Save. She is also rather vulgar, using her beauty and sensuousness as a weapon in her arsenal of teasing. Issei later lessens his hostility towards her, claiming she's clumsier Imvu photos he is. Their relationship is somewhat improved as Issei stated that Koneko became a little happy during their training.

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This wiki. Image Gallery. Rias and Highschool dxd kuroka gif have a rocky relationship, primarily due the fact that Kuroka put Koneko through a lot of trouble after killing her master and going rough leaving her sister behind and refused to let her go back to her. She later admitted to Issei that she was happy at their short reunion. Journey to the West Team.

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kuroka (high school dxd) Parent highschool dxd Search results: 91 pictures. 0 1 >. x (26).

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New Devils. Four Great Seraphs. Kuroka felt somewhat depressed and distant towards her sister for what she had done, even knowingly impossible for her to be forgiven. Evil Dragons. Christianity God. Hindu Gods. She has expressed an interest in having strong children, having propositioned both Vali and Issei Owlman gif, who both have Heavenly Dragons inside of them. Five Great Dragon Kings. Issei also loves the feeling of Kuroka's breasts as they rival that of Rias and Akeno.

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Four Great Seraphs. Fujimai died in an experimental failure in her father's research to artificially create Super Devils, leaving her and Koneko orphaned. Artificial Devils. Haz Ilyus. Kuroka also shows that she cares for Vali and respects him to a certain extent calling him "leader". When Issei attained his Balance Breaker, however, he became powerful enough to withstand her attacks, much to her surprise. Cross Times Kiss.

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She is also one of Issei 's fiancees. Kuroka is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, long black hair with split bangs, and hazel-gold eyes with cat-like pupils. Her body measurements are [BWH86 cm] [BWH35 in]; height is cm 5 feet 3 inches and body weight is [49 kg].

Her attire consists of a black kimono, Trump laughing gif yellow obia set of golden beads, and an ornately detailed headband. The kimono features a red interior and it is open at her shoulders, giving view to her large breasts which rival Hellraiser jesus wept gif of Rias and Akeno in terms of size.

In her Nekomata form, which she is in all the time, she grows a pair of black cat ears and two black tails. Kuroka seems very playful, easy-going, simple-minded, and enjoys teasing people. She is also rather vulgar, using her beauty and sensuousness as a weapon in her arsenal of teasing.

Kuroka loves her little sister Koneko dearly, though she seems to have trouble showing it at times, preferring to tease her. In order to raise Koneko after the two became orphans, Kuroka became a reincarnated Devil servant and was willing to become a Stray Devil by killing her master to protect her.

She Not even close gif expressed an interest in having strong children, having propositioned both Vali and Isseiwho both have Heavenly Dragons inside of them. It is hinted that the reason Jay Highschool dxd kuroka gif don t care gif to why she wants to have strong children is because she wants her species, the Nekoshou, to bloom once again, as their species Sonia nevermind gifts currently on the brink of extinction.

Highschool dxd kuroka gif is the older sister of Koneko then Stare off gif as That was scary gif who was born to Fujimai, also a Nekoshou,and a human researcher. While serving her Highschool dxd kuroka gif, she became extremely talented in Senjutsu and Youjutsu, Hobbit.

gif her magical power as a Bishop became so great that she surpassed her own master in terms of magical power alone. This later became her undoing when she later became a Stray Devil after killing her master, with Highschool dxd kuroka gif assuming that she was drunk with her own powers. The true reason for the killing was to protect her sister Shirone from her master, who attempted to conduct tests on her in his research on creating a Super Devil.

This resulted in her sister's near-execution and depression, as well as the reason why she refuses to use Senjutsu and Youjutsu. At some point before the series, she joined the Khaos Brigade along with the rest of the Vali Team.

Demonic Power : As a Devil, Kuroka has all the common skills and powers of one, including the power to cast spells. Youjutsu Expert: Kuroka is a very skilled Youjutsu user, letting her use offensive and defensive spells.

Senjutsu Country mac gif Being a Nekoshou, Kuroka is also proficient in Senjutsu, being able to control her ki to strengthen both her internal and external body; as well as detect others nearby based on their auras. She has shown to be able to control nature around her; as in Volume 7, she could turn the mud around her from hard to soft to Wiping brow gif the movements of one of Fenrir's sons, while in the manga, Kuroka could control the earth and plants, forming a large amount of them to attack.

She can combine Senjutsu Highschool dxd kuroka gif Youjutsu techniques to fire concentrated blasts of energy. Though at this point, she can manipulate space, letting her can erect a barrier that can trap her opponents in another space.

Kuroka can also combine with the Touki and Senjutsu to further increase the power of her physical attacks. After training with MagariKuroka's skill in hand-to-hand combat was further enhanced, as she easily defeated Sacred Owlman gif users by combining her Touki, Senjutsu and Youjutsu into her physical strikes.

During the battle against LokiKuroka summoned and used them in to seal Fenrir's movements. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki.

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Issei Hyoudou's Peerage. Rias Gremory's Peerage. Sona Sitri's Peerage. Xenovia Quarta's Peerage. Vali Team. Sairaorg Bael's Peerage. Hero Faction.

Brave Saints. Seekvaira Agares' Peerage. The gift porn to the West Team. Four Great Satans. Extra Demons. Reincarnated Devils. Satan Clans. New Devils. Other Devils. Raynare's Group. Four Great Seraphs. Ten Seraphs. Christianity God.

God of the Bible. Norse Gods. Greek Gods. Hindu Gods. Celtic Gods. Persian Gods. True Dragon. Great Red. Dragon God. Two Heavenly Dragons. Five Great Dragon Kings. Evil Dragons. Other Dragons. Old Satan Faction.

Gods of Hell. Artificial Devils. Grim Reapers. Angra Mainyu's Evil Dragons. Five Principal Clans. Cross Times Kiss. Other Species. Keito Tenkai. Ragou Shichou. Haz Ilyus. Atrocity Fanatic.


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