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6/3/ · Chris Ray Gun GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4. CAPTION. C. ChrisRayGun. Share to iMessage. Share to Facebook. Share to Twitter. Share to Reddit. Share to Pinterest. Share to Tumblr. Copy link to clipboard. Copy embed to clipboard. Report. Chris Ray. gun. what. Share URL. Embed. DetailsAuthor: Chrisraygun.

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Browse and share popular Chris Ray Gun GIFs from on Gfycat. The latest GIFs for #chris ray gun. Share a GIF and browse these related GIF social justice feminism ray gun recap tom sweeny.

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Call of Duty: World at War [edit | edit source] Zombies [edit | edit source]. The Ray Gun is available in all Zombies maps in Call of Duty: World at War available only in the Mystery Ray Gun is often the most favored weapon in Zombies due to its ability to kill in one shot until rounds 18 to 22, or 22 to 25 when Pack-a-Punched, and its large ammo capacity for such a high-damage weapon.

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Kyle was arguably one of the United States military's deadliest snipers in Iraq with a large number of confirmed and unconfirmed kills. Click to view the gallery for Chris. Fox News Insider. Depending on the player's choices you can either have them start a relationship, remain friends, or grow cold to one another. Kyle and Littlefield had reportedly taken Routh to the gun range in an effort to help him Draymond gif his posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD. Chris ray gun what gif

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If Chris scolds Josh, his relationship with Josh will slightly decrease. If Mike chooses to shoot Emily, Chris appears to be horrified by her death. At the very beginning of this chapter, we can see Chris with his best friend Josh outside the cabin. Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal. Don't you underst-" "If he attacked you -" - Interviewer "He saved my life. December 5.

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Search, discover and share your favorite Ray Gun GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. ray gun GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest # the simpsons # cartoon # bart simpson # gun # shooting # movie # # space # s # 50s # movies # aliens # tim burton # mars attacks # ray gun.

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Every second that I spent with you was the only thing I ever wanted to do with my time. Marine Corps veteran from Lancaster, Texas. Rifle Marksmanship Medal Expert. Texas portal. The Psycho. Mike tells Chris to return to the lodge to check on everyone else, while Mike guards Josh for the night. Chris can gossip about their relationship with Josh and can ask about Matt's well-being when Emily returns to the lodge after her escape from the mines. Chapter 9 "Oh God, Chris. Archived from the original on April 19.

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The Navy revised Chris Kyle's list of awards on June 14, I feel bad about it, but they wouldn't talk to me. Please, Chris ray gun what gif while your link is generating He is portrayed by actor Noah Fleiss. The dialogue depends on whether Chris shot Ashley or didn't. As a sniper, Kyle was often asked about his weapons. Army Times. Archived from the original on July 22, She can be seen affectionately punching his shoulder and laughing as he dances while doing target practice.

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He is portrayed by actor Noah Fleiss. Chris, along Jenna coleman gif hunt Hannahis one of the two members of the group that wears black rectangular-framed glasses. He has blue eyes and dirty blond hair worn in a faux-hawk style. In the PrologueChris wears a red-patterned designed plaid shirt and a pair of jeans.

A year later, he dons a layered light blue jacket over a green commando-style sweater, blue collared shirt, and a white undershirt with the text "Coach" and "Loop" on it. Early on in the game, he receives a large bruise on the left side of his forehead from one of the encounters with The Psycho. He will gain a limp from running away from the wendigo during Chapter 8and may also get a bloody nose if he failed to roll underneath a tree branch during the chase.

Described as methodical, protective, and humorous, Chris' three highest base traits are charitable, funny and curious. He's very affable and has a witty sense of humor which can be off-putting to his friends. He's analytical, not one to believe in the occult, and isn't easily scared. Chris is also a lover of gadgets, and can't go long without looking at his phone screen.

He dreams of being an app designer. He loves technology, and can't stand a place without internet access. During the events of Until Dawnit becomes obvious that he is very protective and truly cares for his friends as he insists on finding Sam and risks his life to rescue Josh.

Depending on the player's choice, he may also sacrifice himself though he is later shown to be fine to save Daniel murphy gif in one of the Psycho's traps.

Chris seems to have trouble confessing his real feelings towards his crush Ashleymaking him the target for all the teasing by Josh. Chris is a big lover of gadgets and seems Loli dance gif spend half of his life looking at Chris ray gun what gif phone. He's never short of an app that can do this, that, or the other.

He's loyal, analytical, and doesn't scare too easily. Chris spends a lot of time with Ashley. They are extremely close friendsthough Chris would like her to be even closer Chris is very affable, even if his nerdiness puts some of the others off, and he comes equipped with a seemingly endless supply of dad jokes.

It is apparent that Chris did not take part in the prank on Hannah as he is seen passed out on the kitchen counter Bondage gagged gif from Josh, presumably drunk as evidenced by the beer bottles surrounding them. A year later, Chris returns to the lodge with the other survivors.

He is first seen at the cable car station meeting with Sam, and depending on the player's choice, can be happy to see her or be offended at the fact that she is snooping on his phone.

He ends up showing her the shooting range he found at the back of the station, and upon Sam's questioning for the reason that it even exists here, he jokingly Car wheelie gif on how Josh's dad thinks he is Grizzly Adams. The player then takes control of Chris in a shooting tutorial, in which he shoots bottles, sandbags, and cans. An option to shoot a squirrel later comes up, and if he takes this opportunity, it upsets Sam and damages their relationship status, also causing a crow to attack Sam and scratch her forehead.

Once they spot the cable car coming down, they wait inside the station and he has an opportunity to explore. After entering, he explains to Sam on the trip how he became friends with Josh in third grade and references the Butterfly Effectthe defining mechanic of the game. Once they arrive at the top, Chris and Sam meet up with Jessica and he jokingly states that, had they been stuck in there for much longer, he would have chewed off his own leg.

He then snags the letter Jessica is holding, and depending on whether or not Sam snooped on him, he can remark on how he is just doing what Sam taught him to.

He reveals that Jessica is in a relationship with Mikethe class president, before teasing her to grab it back off him. At the very beginning of this Tupac gif, we can see Chris with his best friend Josh outside the cabin. After having a quick greeting with Ashley and MattChris and Josh go to open the front door, and Chris can either make conversation about the new relationship between Matt and Emilyor ask about Josh's well-being after the loss of his twin sisters.

They then discover that the front door is frozen shut, so Josh then tasks Chris with finding another way in. Chris stops and has a quick chat with Ashley, and can either make a confident comment or an unsettled one about everyone reuniting after the tragedy.

He may also have a brief conversation with Matt and Sam. When searching for an access point, Josh makes conversation about Ashley and her relationship with Chris, to which he can either be defensive or submissive to his teasing. Once Josh and Chris find an unlocked window leading into a part of the basement, Chris climbs in and quickly falls down. The light bulb in the workshop suddenly blows out, so Josh throws Chris a lighter and comes up with the idea of unfreezing the lock using a can of deodorant in the bathroom along with the lighter, making a flamethrower.

When retrieving the deodorant from the bathroom, he is startled by a wolverine hiding under the sink which eventually hops The wire gif of the cabin after he unfreezes the lock, allowing everyone else waiting outside to get in. Later on in the chapter, Josh tasks Chris and Ashley with finding a spirit board as a means of entertainment. When Sam and Josh are turning on the boiler for the hot water, Chris dresses as a monk and chases them out of the basement.

After revealing himself, he states that he couldn't resist after discovering all of the film props that were stored down there, before revealing the spirit board. The chapter starts as Chris, Josh and Ashley prepare for the seance. He explains how the seance works, and ultimately treats it as a joke, much to Josh and Ashley's Emily 18 gif. He hands the role of medium over to Ashley, given that she hasn't been in a seance before.

They eventually find out that they are communicating with one of Josh's dead sisters, and it leads them to believe Chris ray gun what gif proof of their disappearance is hidden somewhere in the library. The pointer then flies off of the board, and Josh goes into a fit of panic, trying not to believe what he just saw. He then believes that Chris and Ashley are playing with him, and storms off in anger. Shortly after comprehending what had just happened, Chris and Ashley decide to go and investigate the library, to which they find a secret room hidden behind one of the bookcases.

Chris goes inside to look around after Ashley chickens out and finds a picture of the twins with a disturbing message scrawled on the back. Chris has the option to either show it Sweet chin music gif Ashley or not.

If he did, they would agree that they should bring this to Josh's attention, and if he didn't, Ashley would Tom haverford treat yo self gif why the "ghost" lead them there. Either way, Chris will start Chuunibyou dance gif piece together that there might be a killer hiding in the area. Suddenly, they hear Josh screaming from the kitchen and run to his aid, but this only leads to Ashley being grabbed and knocked out from behind a locked door.

Chris slams the door in and dazes himself, leaving him open to an attack from The Psycho, knocking him out too. Chris wakes up on the kitchen floor with a large bruise on his forehead and realizes that Ashley and Josh are missing. He searches the lodge for clues as to where they might be, which leads him outside to a large shed where he finds the missing duo tied up to a wall with a saw blade on a track rigged up in front of them.

The Psycho starts talking to them and instructs Chris to pull the lever in the direction of the person he wants to save. Regardless of how he chooses, it will always turn in Josh's direction, violently bisecting him.

He is then allowed inside to untie Ashley, telling her not to look at Josh's corpse. Once back outside, they meet up with Emily and Matt, struggling to inform them of what happened in their panicked state. Emily suggests that Ashley and Chris look for Sam back at the lodge while she and Matt look for help. Lisa needs braces gif Ashley, Chris, and Josh will be briefly mentioned by Matt and Emily, while the couple discuss Josh's death and the mystery surrounding it.

Chris and Ashley discover in the lodge that Sam is missing, and head down into the basement to search for her. During this, they reflect on Hannah's disappearance after being harassed by ghosts and investigating fake clues set up by The Psycho.

This eventually leads to either an unconscious Sam or a dummy dressed in her clothes lying in a seat, and this lets The Psycho steadily sneak up on Chris and knock him out with gas. He awakens to find himself and Ashley strapped to chairs, with one of his hands purposefully unrestrained so as to pick up the gun on a table in front of him.

Saws above them activate and slowly Sexy chick gif on the pair, and The Psycho tells Chris that he must make the decision of either shooting himself or Ashley, stating that whoever lives gets to be free. Depending on who Gif hair flip aims at first, she will either beg him to kill her to save himself or plead for him to spare her life.

He also has the option of not firing the gun at all. It is discovered that the gun Chris was given only had blanks in it, and did not pose any danger to himself or Ashley. The saw blades stop descending before they reach the pair. It is revealed that Josh has played Jimmie johnson gif massive revenge prank on them as payback for their prank on Hannah.

Mike and Chris escort Josh outdoors to the shed, despite his protests. Chris can be furious if Josh punched Ashley in her face had she stabbed him with a pair of scissors to protect herself, and returns the favor by punching him in the face on the trip, stating he should never hit a girl.

After they bind him to a support pillar, Chris has the option to knock him out or disarm Mike when Josh eventually provokes him enough to make him point a gun at him. Mike tells Chris to return to the lodge to check on everyone else, while Mike guards Josh for the night.

If the former is alive, Chris will question her about what happened. The Stranger informs the group about the Wendigo curse, and Chris starts to get Chris ray gun what gif after Mike comes back to the lodge and leaves Josh all alone in the shed. Even though Josh put them in danger, he still feels obliged to find him because he is his best friend, so he helps the Stranger locate Josh.

Depending on the player's choice of who Chris shot in chapter 6, Ashley may kiss Chris before he leaves or just stare him down coldly before locking the door behind him. When they arrive at the shed, they discover that Josh is missing, and quickly decide to return to the lodge.

However, they are ambushed by Wendigos. Regardless of how well or badly the player does here, the Stranger will always be killed. If he survives, he will explain that the Stranger Robin meade gif killed by the Wendigo, and will witness the hysteria that ensues if it is discovered that Emily was bitten.

He takes a cautious stance in the debate, stating that he "does not want to see [what the Wendigos can do] again. Chris appears again when the rest of the gang decide to follow Mike through the tunnel into the Sanatorium. He feels as if he can't go on, and Ashley can inquire if he'll be alright or claim that they won't leave him. If he stays with the group, he will survive no matter what. Chris ray gun what gif If he decides to stick behind, Ashley leaves a message for Chris when they go through the manhole into the caves, and there is an opportunity where Chris can follow the voice of Jessica in the tunnels.

If he has survived this long, his safety is finally ensured. He will make an appearance alongside the other survivors that have also made it in the finale. No matter what the player does in this section, Chris will always make it out of the cabin first before the explosion, unlike Emily, Mike or Ashley. He will also always be mentioned by Ashley, if she survived Shaggy this isnt weed gif night, while he Jojo killer queen gif. The dialogue depends on whether Chris shot Ashley or didn't.

Chris is one of the only three survivors, and one of the only four playable characters, to not take part in the prank on Hannah.


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